A Very Green Fall So Far

Brrr.  It’s a little chilly outside today.  Just last week we were really reaping the benefits of our recent rain.

Doesn’t all of this green just look luscious? Remember the band Luscious Jackson?  Anyway, these and many more gorgeous plants can be found out at my MawMaw’s house.

Oh yay!  We’ve learned to suck things with our nose now.  Lately it has just been cups with her mouth.

And this is the first time she climbed a tree!  “Hurravo!”  That’s Mila’s new word.  And I love it.

I know a lot of people complain about Texas weather, but I kind of like it.  You never know what it’s going to be like!

The Pumpkin Patch

I had grand plans for finding an amazing pumpkin patch with a maze and everything.  The closest one that I could find was an hour away.  And then my darling Brenda called and had noticed one only 20 minutes away!  Fabulous!  It wasn’t as grand as I was hoping, but it was still really cool.  The kids had a blast and we got some pretty cute pictures.

My sweet sweet Jazz.

Sassy Sarah

Miss Mazzy

Darling Little Mila

And the hat. 🙂

Fun Fall Day

I just love Fall y’all.  I really do.  It was such a gorgeous Fall day here in Texas that I just had to take advantage.  I took the boys and Mila to the park.  They had such fun!

There isn’t one single thing about the park that Mila doesn’t love.  You probably figured that out.  She is such a little daredevil and will try just about anything.  Her newest obsession is dinosaurs.  That shirt is actually a pajama top that she has “needed” to wear for the past two days.  Finally managed to peel it off before bath so that it can be washed. 🙂

The boys were constantly  jumping and playing “Twilight.”

Hayden aka Edward

And Jazz aka Menacing Emmett

No matter how long you stay, no one is ever ready to leave the park.  Especially the 3-year-old darling.  I’ve left out any and all melt down photos.  You’re welcome.

Long Weekend

Happy Labor Day Weekend!  Hope you all are getting some much-needed rest and relaxation this weekend.  Here is Texas, we are finally enjoying some simply gorgeous weather.

George and I literally spent all of yesterday on the couch watching movies.  It was so nice.  Can’t remember the last time we were able to do that.

Today, we went to our good friends’ house for a bbq.  It was great!

Jacie and Mazzy.  Friends since birth.  Literally.

 My water broke with Mazzy while I was holding an almost two-week old Jacie.

Mazzy’s shot of Jacie.

This is Bailey.  She sang us funny country songs.  About tractors and farms and dirty swimming pools.

Chloe and Bailey.  Another shot by Mazzy.  She’s good.  🙂

It’s always convenient that the Mr. and I take separate cars whenever we plan on staying somewhere for a few hours.  Little Miss needed to come home early after an exhausting day.  When we left, all the kids (and there were a lot) were playing freeze tag in the dark.

Tomorrow will be another lazy day with the kids and Grandy.  My honey has to work. 😦 Enjoy your day off if you have one!

Our Summer Vacation

I thought I would never get around to posting about our vacation.  Going through all of the pictures (why do I always take so many?) has been quite the chore!  It’s really such a curse, once you’ve learned to edit.  You just can’t imagine  posting/developing pictures “as is”.

We had a beyond wonderful time for the 10 days that we were gone.  We could have been away for a month and it wouldn’t have long enough.  I always think, “Just one more day.”  We had such a great time with our family, celebrating milestones and just, well, relaxing.

I love the ocean.  There is just something so soothing about it.  It’s like going home.  It really is good for the soul.  I could have taken a hundred pictures of the water.  I’m sure I came pretty close!

This has definitely been a summer full of fearlessness for Mila.  She even taught herself how to swim. She can’t be in the water alone, but she is getting there!

There is always some kind of dancing going down if you hang around us for long.  Some college kids pulled up next to us and started blaring their music.  Our kids entertained us all for quite some time.  It was great!

Everyone gets into playing in the sand.

And playing in the waves.

Oh, and lots of relaxing!!!

To be continued…

Gonna Use What I Have!

Laura, you and I are so much alike.  I am always picking things up for new projects instead of finishing ones that I have already started on.  And spending time on Pinterest makes me want to start about 100 more projects.  So, I got into my trunk and dug up a few things that I intend to work on before purchasing any more things.

Going to get back into embroidering.  Mazzy and I started embroidering last year and then just kind of stopped. My MawMaw even gave me all of her leftover patterns.  Super retro-cute.  I’ve been seeing some really cute stuff done with embroidery hoops and fabric. I definitely want to do some of those.  Those little hoops I have will be just perfect for that.  I might even stitch something inside.  Or not.  If I decide to do some stitching, I going to head over to Sublime Stitching.  I just love her patterns!  She has such a cool collection and has regular sales.

I’ve been seeing some really cool button art as well, so now I know what I want to do. I’ve also seen some really awesome button trees that would look beautiful for the holidays.

Coming across the yarn made me want to get back into crocheting or doing some of those yarn covered wreaths.  So many possibilities!

Congrats, Mrs. Ricky!

When we were planned our vacation last year, it was to be timed so that my sister could get married on the beach.  Everything went off without a hitch.  Beautiful ceremony and a beautiful bride.  I’m so proud to have a new brother!

Carrie & Ricky

My brother.  During the ceremony. 🙂Beautiful family.

Mila with the happy couple.

Eating some cake!

This was such a happy, happy day.  We were so honored to be a part of it.  We love you Ricky and Carrie!

My SOA Books

I have my stack of books ready!

Heart of the Matter  – Emily Giffin

Just finished it.  Her 5th and latest book.  You cannot go wrong with this one.  She started with Something Borrowed and I’ve been reading her ever since.

Don’t You Forget About Me – Edited by Jaime Clarke

It’s a book on the films of John Hughes written by contemporary writers.  This one found its way into my stocking last Christmas and I’ve yet to read it.

Carrot Cake Murder and Apple Turnover Murder – Joanne Fluke

I’m such a huge fan of cooking mysteries.  Blame it on Diane Mott Davidson.  I love her books!  One Christmas, when her new book didn’t hit around Christmas-time, I was gifted a Joanne Fluke book.  She’s no Diane, but still pretty darn entertaining.

The Pillars of the Earth – Ken Follett

I was recommended this book by a dear friend last year and I finally checked it out from the library today.  Fingers crossed!

The Dream Book – Yehuda Berg

I am fascinated by my dreams.

The Cat Who Talked to Ghosts – Lilian Jackson Braun

This is only one of 30 “The Cat Who…” books about Jim Quillaram and his two cats, KoKo and YumYum.  The women in my family started reading “the cat” books when I was still in my teens.  We all love them.  Ms. Braun passed away in June of this year, so I thought I would reread them all.

Brilliant – Marne Davis Kellogg

She is my new (to me) favorite. I started this one last night.

Pearl in the Mist – V.C. Andrews

Apparently, I missed the V.C. Andrews bus during the 80s.  I’m enjoying catching up lately.

The Happy Hollisters and the Merry-Go-Round Mystery – Jerry West

Before I was into Nancy Drew, I love the Happy Hollisters.  I’ve been looking for these books every time I go into a book store and can never find them.  I actually came across this one in a thrift store the other day.  Can’t wait to share this with my kids.  When I’m finished reading it. 🙂

The Bobbsey Twins in the Country – Laura Lee Hope

Another childhood favorite.  Found this one when I found the Happy Hollisters book.

Sacred Sins – Nora Roberts

I love Nora.  I hadn’t read this one and found it on my bookshelf.  That is all.

Mazzy is 12!

I can’t believe it.  I really can’t.  But it happened.  She turned 12.  My sweet, sweet girl is now one more moment closer to being grown.  Gosh, I love this kid.  Her birthday was on Sunday.  We celebrated last Friday while on vacation with the family.  It was a Justin Bieber party.  Oh yes, it was.  She got lots of goodies and we got her an instant camera.  Instant success!  Happy 12th Birthday, my sweet Princess!