Baking for School

Jazzton, my 9 year old third grader, is working on Apple Valley for this 6 weeks.  I ADORE Apple Valley.  It was Mazzy’s favorite thing about third grade.

Here is a description taken from an Apple Valley website.

Students begin their journey back in time when they are given a new student identity. After they are assigned this new name, age, and family history, they meet with their new family group to create a poster portraying their family members at work and play in their new home.

While living their new identities, students attend school in a one-room schoolhouse called Apple Valley School. Students and their pioneer school teacher work together to come up with a list of ways to earn points toward graduation. In order to graduate from Apple Valley School, students need to do many things they normally do in school. They are given points for getting to school on time, for completing and returning homework, and for showing good citizenship. They also earn graduation points by writing diary entries, by making good decisions, by completing challenge tasks, by conduction school days interviews, and by calculating the consequences of fate cards. (The latter are used to involve boys and girls in the good and bad things that might have happened in pioneer schools.)

The simulation concludes with students, parents, and others from your school attending a special graduation ceremony and picnic celebrating your Apple Valley School students’ achievements.

Since Jazz won’t be able to bring items for the museum until after Spring Break, we made some Molasses Cookies with Brown Butter  to get a jump on the points. I found the recipe over at the Tasty Kitchen.

Don’t these look scrumptious?


And they taste so good!  I sampled one, of course!  Or maybe two…


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