Goodies in the Storage

Mila’s birthday is less than a month away.  I was pretty much set on getting her a new swing set/play yard until I found these treasures!

The vintage baby bed belonged to my sister and I.  The little wooden table was Mazzy’s, but I can’t remember where it came from.  It was broken in a move.  When Mazzy had it, I liked the character of the chipped wood, but I think I will repaint it for Mila.

See the wonkiness of this bed?

I’m hoping the Mr. can fix this up.  At first I thought I could just cover up the darling decals with masking tape and repaint the bed.  So cute, huh?

But I don’t think it will turn out as cute as it would if I just start from scratch.  After getting inspired by Laura’s post, I think I will just use some of my own pictures.  I have gobs of books from when I was a tot.  Can’t wait to get started on these fun birthday presents!

This is the first time I will be redoing anything metal, so any and all helpful hints will be appreciated!


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