Our Busy Time of Year

This weekend we celebrated Hayden’s 7th Birthday.

He got a lot of cool things, but I’m pretty sure his favorite was this hat.

He’s not the only one who loved it…

We also had our family Easter Egg Hunt a little early.  The fires were still miles away, but you could already see the smoke in the background and ashes fell on the children as they played. 😦 The sky had an orange tint to it.

On a lighter note, Jazz found the prize egg!  A first for any of my kids!

Thanks, MawMaw!  We have our hunt out at her house every year.  She waits to mow so that we have better places to hide the eggs.  How great is that?


One thought on “Our Busy Time of Year

  1. Aaawwww….I remember MawMaw! That looks like fun. I also remember going to baseball games with you in Cross Plains. We weren’t playing, so who were we watching—Royse?

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