Shirring Saturdays, Anyone?

I’m a simple sewer.  I would love to be able to make some fancy schmancy get-ups for the girls, but at this point, it just isn’t in me.  Someday…

Anywho, because I am a simple sewer, I have been hesitant to start shirring.  I had no idea just how incredibly easy it is. If I can do it, trust me, anyone can!

I made a my first ever Easter dress for Mila to wear tomorrow!

I think this fabric is just darling and it was in my material pile just waiting for the right occasion.

I have to make myself say “fabric.”  When I was growing up, my MawMaw always called fabric “material.”  Am I the only one who still does this?

As soon as I was finished, I decided to whip up a little swimsuit cover up for Mazzy to wear this Summer.  It’s still wet from spraying. 🙂

She’s not home to try it on, so I hope that it fits.  I made it super long.  I guess if it isn’t wide enough, I will just cut off a ton and give it to Mila.  I have a feeling Mazzy will have a ton of these before it’s all over with.  So no worries on her not getting the hook up.  I’m totally into shirring now!


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