Kickball Tournament!

I have never been to a kickball tournament, so when Mazzy told me that the 6th grade was having one, and that she would like me to come watch, I thought that it might be fun.  It was so much fun!  So entertaining!

Mazzy’s team did not come in 1st, but they had the cutest shirts by far.

I have zero athletic skills, so I am always pleased to see that my children have some coordination when it comes to sports.  Kickball does give a girl like me hope, though.  I think I might could catch that good-sized ball.

I think I will leave out all of the shots where Mazzy is fixing her hair during the game.  Well, maybe I can share just one.  🙂

And it wouldn’t be any kind of sporting event that we attend without getting advice from Coach Mila.  You can’t see it, but here she is talking to Mazzy through the fence about kicking the ball.

Anyway, it was a super fun day.  Really proud of those Root Beer Floats!


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