Chamomile Tea


Jazz came home from a weekend away with pinkeye. I’m sure it was due to all the swimming in chlorinated water, as no one else contracted it from him. I can’t remember the last time I opened my eyes underwater without goggles! How do kids do it?

Well, for the past few years I have found myself relying on holistic remedies. I think the health food store is so much more fun than the doctor’s office, don’t you? Although I just adore our sweet family doctor and his nurses!

When I found out about the infected eye, I immediately started googling. Several different sites recommended moist chamomile tea bags. We used about four compresses a day. After only two days of this, it was gone! I’m totally amazed and want to tell everyone I see!

I knew that chamomile tea was good for insomnia and some tummy problems, but I had no idea it could fix this. So now, I have to share more wonderful things I have found out about chamomile tea.

It is used to relieve anxiety and stress. It is also used as a remedy for nightmares. Fascinating!

After brewing, you can use cooled tea bags to make a compress to treat skin irritations, burns and inflammation.

Brew a cup and gargle to relieve mouth and gum pain. Wonder if this will help Mazzy after her monthly visits to the orthodontist?

You may also place cooled teabags over the eyes to reduce puffiness and eye strain. We women wouldn’t know a thing about that, would we? 😉

I will forever be singing the praises of chamomile tea now!

Have you had any other great experiences with the delicious brew?


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