Congrats, Mrs. Ricky!

When we were planned our vacation last year, it was to be timed so that my sister could get married on the beach.  Everything went off without a hitch.  Beautiful ceremony and a beautiful bride.  I’m so proud to have a new brother!

Carrie & Ricky

My brother.  During the ceremony. 🙂Beautiful family.

Mila with the happy couple.

Eating some cake!

This was such a happy, happy day.  We were so honored to be a part of it.  We love you Ricky and Carrie!


One thought on “Congrats, Mrs. Ricky!

  1. I didn’t know Carrie was getting married at the beach! She looks very happy.
    Royse…….tsk tsk tsk.
    Carrie’s children are grown up—like, adult grown up.
    When did THAT happen?

    More beach photos!
    More vacation photos!

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