Loom Knitting

I’m obsessed. For real. Mazzy was given a round knitting loom set similar to this sometime last year –

One day, last fall, I decided to give it a shot. And I loved it! I quickly began buying yarn every chance I got. I also started investing in more looms. I really, really want this “S” shaped one –
I want to make a giant blanket with it! But for now, I’m happy making scarves and hats.

First completed scarf. Made it for the Mister.

Scarf for my dad's birthday

This one is mine!

There are so many great loom knitting sites out there with great project ideas. Most of them have free patterns, too. Even Ravelry has a good selection!

I’ve tried “real” knitting before, but it just wasn’t my thing. Maybe I will try it again someday. Or then again, maybe not. I really like using the loom. It is so easy! I just do it at night while watching tv or riding in the car. So if you’ve tried knitting and found it too difficult, give loom knitting a shot. You won’t be disappointed!


5 thoughts on “Loom Knitting

  1. Hi ! I just started looming myself and fell in love with it quickly ! I was wondering if you could tell me approximately how wide of a blanket do you think the “S” loom would make ?
    Thanks ~

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