Hello All!  I’m Bettina.

Where to begin?  I’m a mommy, wife, crafty girl, lover of vintage and unusual things, music junkie, foodie, baker, vintage coat collector, photo and movie whore and many many more things.

I’ve just picked up photography as a new hobby.  Hope to get pretty darn good at it!

I also have an etsy store where I sell cool accessories!


2 thoughts on “About

  1. I found your blog funny enough…..while looking for Ruby Gloom birthday ideas! My 2 girls (4 & 7) just found it on Netflix, and have been watching nonstop. They both have birthdays coming up. When I started reading your blog, I noticed a few familiarities…lol. My baby girl LOVES Coraline, The Nightmare Before Christmas ( Jack the “Punkin” King),and she already saw previews for 2 more movies she wants to see, Para-Norman, and Frankenweenie. So like you…Ruby Gloom didnt come as a surprise! I also see that you live in Texas as well. I’m in Orange. Anyhow I just wanted to compliment you on the Ruby Gloom party you did…it was Awesome!

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