Gonna Use What I Have!

Laura, you and I are so much alike.  I am always picking things up for new projects instead of finishing ones that I have already started on.  And spending time on Pinterest makes me want to start about 100 more projects.  So, I got into my trunk and dug up a few things that I intend to work on before purchasing any more things.

Going to get back into embroidering.  Mazzy and I started embroidering last year and then just kind of stopped. My MawMaw even gave me all of her leftover patterns.  Super retro-cute.  I’ve been seeing some really cute stuff done with embroidery hoops and fabric. I definitely want to do some of those.  Those little hoops I have will be just perfect for that.  I might even stitch something inside.  Or not.  If I decide to do some stitching, I going to head over to Sublime Stitching.  I just love her patterns!  She has such a cool collection and has regular sales.

I’ve been seeing some really cool button art as well, so now I know what I want to do. I’ve also seen some really awesome button trees that would look beautiful for the holidays.

Coming across the yarn made me want to get back into crocheting or doing some of those yarn covered wreaths.  So many possibilities!