Happy 10th, Jazz!

10 days ago, we celebrated my sweet sweet boys 10th birthday.

We decided about 2 hours before that we would have an early party.  I hurried and made the cake (blue velvet with cream cheese frosting), and called the grandmothers.

He was one happy boy!

He only asked for three things.  A guitar, an amp and a smoke machine.

I think he’s happy.  🙂


The Pumpkin Patch

I had grand plans for finding an amazing pumpkin patch with a maze and everything.  The closest one that I could find was an hour away.  And then my darling Brenda called and had noticed one only 20 minutes away!  Fabulous!  It wasn’t as grand as I was hoping, but it was still really cool.  The kids had a blast and we got some pretty cute pictures.

My sweet sweet Jazz.

Sassy Sarah

Miss Mazzy

Darling Little Mila

And the hat. 🙂